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Stairs edge trim

Item No.: PFT3202
Durable aluminum withstands high Foot traffic areas in the home
For use in stair uneven flooring surfaces meet
Can be cut to desired length with hack saw
Silver finish accents most carpet colors
Description Specification Package
The SET Aluminium is used on existing tiled stairs to protect the stair tiles from breaking and chipping. It can also be used to cover areas where damage has already occurred. 
The SET can be fixed onto a wide variety of stair materials. it's slip resistant and highly visible, reducing the possibilities of accidents. Depending on the stair material (e.g. tile, carpet, wood, vinyl) various,hightly recommended adhesives are used to affix the stairnosing. 
Length             Wide             Color              Material
2.7m                4cm              Silver             Aluminum
5 Pcs /per bag
40 bags in per carton