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Waterproof Aluminum Foil 3MM Laminated Rubber Underlay - FBRG1012

Item No.: FBRG1012
Suitable for any floating type of flooring including laminate flooring、solid wood floor and engineered wood floors, Use it whether there would be the possibility of moisture coming up from the sub-floor.
Description Specification
One of the most important benefits is a reduction in impact sound. Footfall on a hard floor can be both loud and sharp, and the right underlay will make a big difference in reducing and mellowing the sound. In this case, the right underlay means using sponge rubber because low cost underlays such as PE foams have so much air in them they act like echo chambers and amplify the sound.

Hard flooring underlay means it is easier and quicker to it the flooring because the underlay will help to iron out minor imperfections in the sub-floor, and it also helps to protect the joints. If used on a floor above the ground floor the underlay adds mass to the floor which helps to reduce airborne noise transmitted from the rooms below, while on the ground floor an underlay with a barrier keeps moisture at bay on concrete and stone floors.

We recommned it our high quality recycle rubber underlay which is durable & perfect for any heavy traffic areas.
Density: 2.4kg/m2
Thickness: 3mm
Backing: Non-woven fabre
Packing: By transparent PE bag