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Factory Direct Sell Foam Carpet Underlay - 10mm/80kg(10m)

Item No.: FB08010
Type:PU foam
Suitability:Luxury domestic
Roll Size:18m2(10m x 1.8m)
Thickness:10 mm
Description Specification Density Loading
The 10mm thick FB08010 is a PU sponge carpet underlay that's perfect for maintaining quality. The underlay can enhance the overall performance of your carpet, ensuring that it looks better for longer. It is perfect if you’re looking to prevent overstretching too.

This underlay can help you to get more out of your carpet, it incorporates a stitched paper topping that is essential if you want your carpet to look great!so if you need your carpet to retain thickness and provide great comfort, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Our PU foam FB08010 is suitable for domestic use and for heavy duty applications too. It can be used in most rooms within the home, providing you with a solution that’s convenient. 
Size:18 Square meters per roll
80 kg
150 Rolls in one 20FCL container
350 Rolls in one 40HQ container