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Carpet seam roller

Item No.: CSR1
Use to roll soft flooring goods
Strengthens adhesive bond
Smooth roller pushes adhesive into carpet backing
Blends carpet yarn at the seam
Description Specification Package
Specially designed belveled star wheels to deeply press the carpet backing into the adhesive also prevent yarn damage.
designed for use on loop pile carpet and direct. Use for blending yarns after seam has cooled. Reduced washers eliminates yarn
entang ment.
  • 3'-Inch or Extra wide 6'-Inch head reduces dishing in seam area
  • Durable and lightweight superior die cast handle
  • Moves forward and backward without altering position of carpet backing
  • Get stronger seams and increased hot melt transfer into carpet back with stationary roller shaft
  • Commercial Quality
3 inches or 6 inches
One pcs/per box