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How to Tack Down Carpet on Concrete

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Update time : 2018-09-03 17:20:05
Step 1--Install Tac Strip
Before you can install carpet on concrete, you are going to have to install the proper type of tac strip. Tac strip comes into different varieties. You will be able to purchase wood or concrete tac strip. For this job, you will definitely need to purchase concrete tac strip. It comes in 4-foot strips and you are going to need to install them all the way around the perimeter of the room. You should be able to use a hammer to hit the concrete nails in the tac strip down into the floor. Leave the strip about 1/4 inch away from the wall around the room.
Step 2--Install the Pad
You will then need to install the pad on the floor. Take some pad glue and spread it out over the surface of the concrete. Then you are going to need to unroll the pad and place it into the adhesive. Use your knife to cut the excess pad around the edge of the room. 
Step 3--Cut the Carpet
In order to install the carpet in the room, you are going to need to measure the cuts that you are going to need. Take your tape measure and get the dimensions of the room. Then you are going to need to unroll your carpet. Take the tape measure and get the appropriate size. Then cut the carpet size that you need. Be sure to leave a few extra inches if possible.
Step 4--Lay Out the Carpet
Then take the piece of carpet that you cut and lay it into the room. If you cut it long enough, there should be a little bit of carpet going up the wall a few inches. 
Step 5--Seams
You will then need to complete the seams if they are necessary for this job. Lay two pieces of carpet directly up against one another. Then put the seam tape under the two edges. Then take your seam iron and run it across the tape. This will melt the tape and make it hold the two pieces of carpet together.
Step 6--Stretch
At this point, you need to start stretching the carpet. Use your power stretcher to stretch it across the room. Then use your carpet kicker to kick the edges up on top of the tac strip. Make sure that the carpet is tight and stretched thoroughly.
Step 7--Trim
When you have excess carpet around the edge of the room, you are going to need to trim it off. Use your utility knife to cut the extra carpet.